Free CV advice & the unadvertised jobs market

If you've reached the end of the year with one eye on the Christmas break being a chance to dust off your CV and get out job hunting then you are not alone.

But why waste time worrying if your CV is up to scratch when you could be sending it out for job applications instead?

With something as important as your career it pays to not waste a single second and this is where you can make use of a service that not only gets your CV into ship shape order but also gets you into the unadvertised job market.

Best of all, it's FREE to any engineers in our core sectors!

If you would like an expert to review your CV then please call Jamie on 01442 874884 or before 5pm on Monday the 19th of December and you will have a top notch CV prepped before Christmas ready to grab interviews for your next move.

If you already have a brilliant CV and would simply like to start the job search then just use our CV upload button. Many positions we come across are filled before they reach the open market.


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