It's time to review your CV

September is THE month when it comes to companies hiring staff. Last year, we secured the highest number of interviews & new job vacancies for our candidates during September compared to any other month that year, and we know from talking to our clients that this September will be no different.
So, what do you need to do?
Send your updated CV to take advantage of our new job prospects.

Why should you do this?

  • Updating your CV now will put you in the best position for new job vacancies as they come in.
  • Preparing now will put you ahead of your peers/competition.
  • Make use of the Summer which can be a ‘quieter period’ to get your CV in shape!

When should you do this?

  • Now! We work with many sought-after organisations whose opportunities won’t stay open for long, in fact, many positions we come across are filled before they reach the open market.
What else can I do?
Set yourself up for job alerts on our website – you set the criteria and we email you relevant jobs. 
Our Top Tip:
Update your CV as you gain new responsibilities and skills, that way it’s always ready with your latest achievements and experience!

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