What we look for

All of the job vacancies we work on for our clients are very technical, but our staff have a complete mixture of backgrounds. Whilst we have staff who are technical and who have worked or studied within engineering & electronics, we DO employ people may have no background or knowledge in engineering whatsoever. For example, we have hired people straight out of school with A Levels, or a vocational qualification, and whilst Engineering Degrees and Computer Science Degrees are extremely useful, we have recruitment consultants with Degrees in English, Psychology, Law, Spanish, Politics, and Classical Civilization.  BUT, despite these different backgrounds, we do possess common attributes; we are enthusiastic, motivated people, who want to learn, and earn good money.

Essential attributes we require:

  • Enthusiasm.
  • A positive attitude towards learning.
  • Motivation – without it, you can’t do recruitment. You have to be driven.
  • Clever (not necessarily academic), but you have to have the aptitude to pick things up and learn quickly.
  • Team work – people who get on and will work well in our company environment.

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